Mega oof for our globe

Amazon rainforest has been on fire for 18 days. Globes fucked.

Scary shit☹️

Thats a photo from space my guy. That’s how much smoke is going into the air. Recently it made a town go dark that was around 1000 kilometers away from the fire.

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said fire could release so much ash into the atmosphere it will dramatically impact temperatures around the world. 1 of 2 things will happen. The world tomorrow quits eating beef and driving cars or we do nothing again and probably die a slow death for the human race.

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we’re like roaches… can’t kill us.

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welp well see in 5 years. it won’t be a mass extinction event but the suffering will be apparent.

it’s what i’m saying

so we are in a agreement that because of this something very bad is ahead of us?

Sounds like Scopely will be sticking around for a long time then.


like an ice age? isn’t that obvious from earth’s history. nothing new.

image Image result for amazon rainforest fire darkened sky

My guy look at this. This isnt normal and this is not certainly natural. (Its not night time in this photo) The ice age still had an abundance of resources that helped humanity get through. In today’s age one massive drought or heatwave will do us in for our crops.

look at this though, this isnt normal too…


you forget they didn’t survive and we did not exist then but i guarantee you if another meteor were to hit us we would be done for.

im just saying we dont control all the things and the fire might not be the one who kills us. but a meteor rain might not kill all humanity. we’ve got bunkers and the reptiles didn’t.

Every species that ever exist on any given planet in any given universe will undoubtably one day meet its end. The law of infinite probablities meeting with a time stream continuously moving in one direction.

I’m in California in heart of all last years fires I’m not underplaying the severity of this or how scary. But to say it’s not natural lol, droughts happen then lightning storms cause fires. About as natural as it gets.


Truckers in Brazil claimed they started that to help Brazil’s president to make a point, the two past weeks Germany and Norway have dropped they financial aid to help Amazon rain forest since Brazil’s president (a.k.a dumber trump) has an agenda to increase amazon’s deforestation in favour of agro industry.


Sounds like the watts riots… this will show them!!! burns own forest let me let you in on a little secret, Democrats and Republicans are one in the same. Trump no better or worse than Bernie. You are why this is able to happen. Think for yourself

but my guy did you see the pics

I have some news for you, “the skies falling“ people. Everything on this earth is natural, even the stuff that they call synthetic comes from stuff that was found on the earth naturally. Our planet goes through cycles for every climate change theorist there is a climate change myth debunked. Cal farts aren’t going to run the world either our vehicles. The omissions are 1/10 of what they were 20 years ago and they will be even worse in 20 more years. It takes just as much in fossil fuel‘s To make the sales for batteries for electric powered vehicles and the pollution is twice as much. You’re going to be OK until you’re not and it’s out of your control.

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