Medals insuficients


I really like the game, but I’m seriously thinking about stopping playing … I’m 1 month old getting medals and I can not get enough to improve my 5 stars


Neither is the rest of the community, friend. Very few players have enough Medals (Legendary and Ascendance.) to Ascend or exchange character for better ones. We are running low on Medals more than Scopely saying they are running low on characters.


i have 1.2m, and 4 6* :confused:


I have 1.5 million of the ones for 4s and enough to do 5 6s. Currently sitting at 6 6s.


Scopely @kalishane, they do not care about the players, as long as the majority continues to spend money, the number of active players on my server decreases


I have 9 6* and just enough medals for 3 more. Hopefully we start to get more ways to get them. Rather than just small amounts in milestones or rewards in tourneys.


I have 6 6 stars and enough for 5 more. And about 2 million extra silver medals afterwards. That said, the majority are from the event when ascendance launched, so if you missed that there have been only limited opportunities to get these.


This is exactly the problem, I you weren’t there for that event (or didn’t catch all of it) you are out of luck now.

I’m buying the crates from the SR depot and can ascend one in 20 to 30 days.


Do SR daily and you get a few, i’ve got 8 6*'s and still have 1.5mil tokens. I dont think i’ll ever get to a point where i’m begging for them.


Its not a lack of medals that is the problem. Its people rushing to ascend absolute garbage 5*'s, have a little patience. You’ve seen photos of up coming premiers and ascendable toons. Wait it out. Rather than rushing to ascend any and every toon possible.