Medals and benedicts


Ok, we all know that this was requested so many times. But here is a decent argument for Scopely to release more Benedict’s and Legendary Medals.

It is pretty simple, who the hell will spend on premier recruit’s if they do not have resources to ascend it to 6*?

So we all have 1 Comando Gleen, 1 Vicent, 1 Wyatt, 1 Gator a couple of Shiva’s, Mira’s, Ty, Abe, Carl, etc…

And if you got luck to receive a premier recruit, it sure gonna take a while before you be able to use what you purchased. So unless they start giving more Benedict’s and legendary medal’s, people will spend less.


Generally speaking, anyone that has the cash to gamble on receiving a premier toon also has the cash to buy offers that include Benedicts.



So true. I think this should be enough to do a couple of 40 pulls and just have enough left over for some trainer “deals”. :wink:


Hear hear, I’m saying same thing, whoever spends on one thing, why should he/she stop spending on other thing, gears, materials, buy them all, chinpokomons.


Im not sure about that, but having the cash doesnt mean you want to buy feeder instead of another try for a 2nd legend.


Yes you have to, to be faster, first, better then others.


What are you responding to?


We need more metAls and benidicts for sure