Medal shortage. Need more ways. Even offers for $$$

Serious need of some medals in this game. Almost the case with everyone I talk to. We get a pittance per day and getting 250k silver is a huge chore. Let’s have an awesome medal event lime when it was first introduced or even some offers for medals.

Second half of title is for scopely.Money to be made here and scope love thier cash. Seems like a no brainers to have medal offers up. Dont need the 7 differnet trainer offers up currently thanks.


THIS “” has been voiced a couple of times here in the forum. But no change here.
Special collectibles removed the medals as regular rewards.
Once we had too many. Now we are dry.
Wait I have a trick: I stopped spending because I cannot ascend anymore…
Let’s see :wink:

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Need more medals i support this.


Geeze they are so generous, you can get 300 gold medals every 43 days, FREE! And 250,000 silver every 36 days, FREE!
You people always demanding stuff, they are being so kind. Next you’ll be complaining that 6 months to a year or longer to get the special items to level characters isn’t fast enough!
Just give Scopely a break! They are just a honest company barely breaking even! Why do you think they need to do so many rounds of venture investment share sales!

Its crazy how this topic is over looked on the forums in favor for bs.

Agree even if I have plenty (stopped ascending useless toons)

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Are you joking that’s enough to do 1 toon a month tell that to the 40 I have waiting to ascend

Let’s see, I used honest and scopely, in the same sentence. Not only that I said the one about the other, so honestly what do you really think?
Also that’s enough for 1 ascending character ever five weeks.

Did someone forget about the daily crate of ascendance medals in the Supply Depot?

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offer coming
27.5 metals for 200 bucks

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tell me how many u need
we will bucket u a deal
u need 100
deal coming for 99.999999 metals

Those are the best offers! Who doesn’t like spending double\triple\quadruple because they shorted the offers?

My problem is not having toons to ascend well and decent useful ones that is

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Bumping. This is still an issue. Like ffs I havent spent on anything in forever and now saying I want to give you money scopely for medals. Make at least an offer happen. It’s been two weeks now of scraping together scraps from roadmaps and missions. I need 500k at this rate gonna be a month

2 offers today. Not great but I’m okay with scraps. Thanks let’s keep em coming

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