Meanwhile in Star Trek Fleet Command land

Some interesting threads to read over there :thinking:


Well that looks familiar


Haha I’m sure most games with a loot box model will have the same complaints. P2P vs f2p.

wait you mean in star trek you can make rape and death threats but in TWD i cant even say im going for T3 lol


The crux of it all is having something surrounding it. Dungeons, farming, upgrading something that lets people progress without spending even if it’s slowly.

Whether it be grindable currency for 10-20 pulls a week which is nothing…or a depot/store that gets usable and former promos available for currency you can earn by playing in these crazy things called events.

Instead in TWD we get a .5% at pam split 4 ways, because they’ll probably try to repromo her this month as they know people would be happy to have her.

How we don’t have an 4 year anniversary wheel with Alice Diego Pam 2 Disarms 2 Decaps 2 shields and few other random is beyond me. Instead they overvalue everything and think choking out their playerbase is a solid model at this point. Hey thanks for supporting us through all our shit here’s nothing, we appreciate you.


Oh, I agree. The anniversary event is probably their worst yet. Such a shame. How they can create such an amazing game yet such an awful gaming experience for most of their players is crazy!

In before rick tries defending scopely
*wasnt fast enough
*and was wrong about Ricky


Looks about right
(130days ago)


Pulling the game from App Store…
What do you think #PU?

130 days ago and still in the App Store. Google and Apple are full of it as well lol.

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Buying a frozen yogurt and dropping it on the ground would be a better real-life experience than playing this “game”



People quitting, bugs, and useless support? Nothing new here…