Meaning of walkering territories?

some of the factions were today talking about that someone is walkering territories can someone explain me what that means?
and is there any rules when you capture a territory without making other people mad?

unfortunately we have a faction in our region who act like dictators because they’re the strongest and do whatever they want if you do something what bothers them. it really sucks to get threatened by some people.

also is there any way to get a region swap key without spending money? im sick of this region really.

It means they kill every team in the territory without posting a team, thus making the walkers take it, and no, you can’t get a transfer key for free

Walkering territories means someone has attacked an occupied territory but not added a team. So the territory goes white and you have to clear walkers to claim it again.

The reason this makes people mad is that it takes more territory energy to claim the territory and you get less league points from the attacks.

Territories are usually walkered by people who haven’t applied teams to other territories either so there isn’t really any good reason why they don’t add a team. It’s just a selfish move to get more league points without considering anyone else.

Some people have an issue with it, some don’t. Personally the only one that really annoys me is when people walker Fortified Town because that takes 7 energy points to clear the walkers and it’s a useful territory for the survivor boost it gives.

Not unless you save up free coins from leagues or tapjoy offers and videos.

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Same… I clear that stupid territory once a day seems like


Most regions share weapon crafting ones an generally if take one take the matching one I.e. crit boost …

Rest territory’s are generally of little benefit bar the xp ones that boost points in level ups an the survivor one.

Generally it’s considered polite etiquet to add a shit team to any ter take and let it be retook hour later an so on…

If your region has one faction dictating ask them what the issue is? If they generally more experienced will probably tell you same ad everyone here. Of simply being dicks ignore them an do what you want an benefits you an hour faction an don’t engage or interact with other one at any level

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Walkering is part of the game, there isnt any rule from scopely that forbid this kind of behavior

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Always let other people clear this territory

But all these walkering issue are joke when you see people using a lot of can for event territory

When you are able to hold 3 territory more than 24 hour in event territory

Complaining about walkering is annoying

Really disrepectful

What’s disrespectful is a few players in a region turning the territory map white and expecting everyone else to clear the walkers just so they can attack the territories and walker them all over again. That’s why people get annoyed by walkering.

If regions co-operate and just add teams to territories everyone benefits and there’s no “annoying complaining” from anyone.


If you watch the free coins videos daily you can watch 30 videos a day each worth 3 coins. Thats 90coins a day free. And you can also do tapjoy offers to earn coins. Build up 1,000 coins and you can buy a transfer key without spending money.

Well queue jumping isn’t illegal. But you just don’t do it, because it’s malicious and evil and wastes everyone’s time at the expense of your own. I tut at queue jumpers and I tut at territory walkerers


Well said!!:clap::clap::clap::clap: don’t make messes others have to clean up! Its simple ettique. And I hate it when ppl do this bc the responsible members of the region are always the one cleaning it up. And I’m about to my wits end. My region has 3 standing terr rules: 1) no 6* in Terrs, 2) no 6* in crits, and 3) no walkering or rules 1&2 go out the window and it hurts lower lvl players bc the big faction will put their war teams in terrs to hold them to prevent the walkering if it persists.


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