McKenzie ar working out of order

My understanding is the order is the ar description is important.

When Ericka revives. She gives bonus heal. Then revives. So the toon that was revived does not get the bonus heal

However. If I put heal reduction on a toon. And McKenzie uses her ar. McKenzie should heal. And any toons with hr should not be healed. And then she fixes heal reduction. So they should get healed the next turn unless they have heal reduction reapplies.


However she is healing them immediately.

Hey! Dont you snitch on my Mackenzie! :zipper_mouth_face:

Not like it will get fixed tho, Morgan is still broken lol

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Hmmmm you make a valid point. Oh well… Past her use by date anyways.

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Her skill will never be out of date.

You mean her equestrian skills?

Made a similar comment about the Wanderer and Scopely ruined him after. Deleted this thread asap.

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