McGregor vs Khabib-Who you got?


I got Conor by KO in the 2nd

  • Conor by KO/TKO
  • Conor by Submission
  • Conor by Decision
  • Khabib by KO/TKO
  • Khabib by Submission
  • Khabib by Decision

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No double KO on the poll? j/k lol

Conor could very easily KO Khabib within a round or two. However, if Khabib has success getting the clinch without getting his block knocked off, I think he can wear down Conor and find the sub.


Also forgot McGregor by Dolly toss


Khabib is aggressive and has the motivation to make the match his. Connor is egocentric and talented. But both have had stamina issues after a couple of nasty hits to the body. Its gonna come down to a decision. I think it’ll be connor’s fight.


2 of my favorites but I think khabib going to smash him


I got the Bookies.

I got Dana White by a land slide.