Maybe "Subject to change" needs

… an addition - “or being flat out wrong”.

Why are we fighting Blitz War on Wednesday when the newly updated calendar calls for SR tourney and why is VK (the ONLY reliable source of information we have) predicting SR tourney on Thursday when the newly updated calendar calls for a Blitz War?


It’s freaky Friday.
This Friday is so freaky it’s on Wednesday with Thursdays event.

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With all these daily login reward deals perhaps they are going for a daily F up event for the month of May. What fiasco is going to pop up today?

Automatic Roster Deletion and weapon resets.

Scopely should simply stop putting up a calender. Replace the calender threads with a link to the vk site. shrugs

I would actually welcome that. At least it would be challenging.

Today’s F up is apparently an extra weapons map. Probably bans for those taking advantage of this “bug”.


Is it a bug if vk showed a few hours prior
#vkpredicted us extra wepon parts

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