Maybe some ascendable tokens please


The 6* one please :smiley:
add it for the next tournament :wink:

More ways to get ascendance medals

Ascendable tokens? Never heard of that before. :persevere:


The tokens that ascend 5* to 6* is what I mean lol


@Alexfromrts be sure to check your survival road depot, the crates contain them and are usually on super special :slight_smile:


Created 4 days ago

In no way am I trying to police the forum, I do not want to become a leader or moderator, and I’m not trying to be a smart ass. I just want to remind people to please see if a thread was created before you make a new thread on the same topic. I wouldn’t mind getting more legendary medals myself, but preferably through a roadmap instead of tournament rewards.


I don’t think anyone considers waiting 60 days for enough for a single ascendance is a healthy supply


Be on the lookout - a new offer with medals will be popping up real soon - more data mining what we want so they can make more $