Maybe one day Ill actually get a 5 star pull in premier lol


Did another single pull. Got another 4 star. I shall be known as “von baron 4 star” all beware of my pulling power. Muwhahahahha


I got 5* from premier :slight_smile:

Except it was this dupe Rick so em yeah I got the scopley equivalent of being Rick rolled :frowning:


Should be relatively easier with the removal of 3⭐s. I get one at least every two pulls.


Did 40 pull for Shiva, no dice sadly, will have to rely on luck from 5* tokens, whilst that was a fail>

Ranged still needs a ton of work but Siddiq shall definately improve things :smile:

Also got Gov RTS1, Sandy and Jesus March To War :slight_smile:


Last premiere toon I received was dual blade michonne when she first came out so just keep surviving…


Should be getting in sometime


Lol this crack me up


O.O what awesome luck or magic are you using lol


All we can do is survive right? Lol.


Did a ten pull with tapjoy coins hoping for a second Shiva, didn’t get her, but got Sandy. Don’t know if she is any good, but at least I don’t have to ascend her


Good pull!!!