Maybe I'm wrong

But having a blitz war after the timer on the stash runs out instead of that being another way to earn war tokens seems like a smack in the face to players. Again I could be wrong and maybe they extend the timer but with recent track records I don’t see it…


You can’t earn them.

We haven’t had a blitz in months they finally give us one. But instead of making the timer on the stash last through then they make it end a few days before. All those people who missed a pull could of gotten one. Tbh if I hadn’t placed top 3 I’d rather 5*tokens

Wait, when is blitz war planned?

People support current state of things, recent promos are everywhere, most of them are from vk. Some of the top guys resisted it at first but then competition made them turn to vk too, sad but true. To play and enjoy you need to cheat and exploit. So don’t waste your time nor money for limited time whack tokens


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I’m at a point where nothing surprises me anymore. They literally have no idea what’s needed or wanted to make game play fun. The point of a game is fun. I’m closer than ever before to retirement

Totally impractical for Europeans. Or people with jobs. inaudible muttering

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