Maybe blitz war on weekdays?


Maybe blitz war on weekdays?
Victory token event is about to end.CRW kills a chance to get an opening,because there are not enough tokens for many fraction.In addition, it is a great opportunity to replace the endless stream of level up, that everyone is tired of.
Or at least sell boxes of these tokens for gold…
Do you want blitz war?

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Only if it is 6v6 and 30 mins though. Some of us have jobs to earn the money scopely wants us to spnd on the game.


yes, I mean it.


We should have AoW again rather than CRW this weekend too.


Ugh tbh anything other than 3 level ups a week is a start.

Also give us legendary gear maps FFS


Nah, the level-ups are great. 5k points for firewood.


Or double the fire wood for the 5k and boom, 1 less level up lol.

I cba levelling 5* no more. Just a waste of time


But then you’d miss out on more free rewards simply for placements. They aren’t doubling placement rewards, so as many solo LUs at like top 500 is still better than 1 solo LU at top 500.


Tbh the rewards are mostly trash anyway. A beanie for a milestone :joy: wtf do I want one of those for :sob:

I get what your saying, but this is why the game gets stale man.


Not talking about beanie for milestone, talking about free 1000 5* tokens/chance at 5*, maybe mod boxes/trainers, etc. Its all free for like 5 LU points.


Add 1.249,994 to that :stuck_out_tongue: they are hit and miss at the best of times tho. Sometimes good, sometimes bad. I just want a bit more of a mix, that’s the point in the thread. Pretty sure a couple blitz wars per week would go a long way. Farm cans and such, whatever prizes they decide to add, probs tokens, trainers possibly mod boxes.

Yeah level ups are easy, but when that is the most common event that gets put up each week for some it’s boring, really really boring.


Not talking about beanie for milestone, talking about free 1000 5* tokens/chance at 5*

Did anyone actually get the 5*? No-one in my factions has had any luck so far.


Still haven’t had a toon from the boxes.


Some have. It’s very rare, but a chance at just 5/5000 LU points is aiight by me.


You spend more time here than you do the game. LOL


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