Maybe better stashes


Why dont you put erica in stash or hershel?


Because they are two of the best toons and people will spend way more on pulls than the $100-200 the stash costs.


But more people will buy something if they know they will get that for what are they paying


Without a doubt. But I have read where people have spend $300-800 trying to pull for a toon they want. That is just insane. I don’t pull except for the occasional single here and there because if I waste $100 bucks and get nothing but garbage 3 stars I am gonna be pissed. But they know which toons are the ones that people really want and they won’t give us an easy way to get them sadly. I would love to get Erika or Hershel on my team for sure. Good luck!


I agree but i actually think they would make more money if they made those toons availavle in stashes. I bet people who already spent big pulling would buy another if it was guaranteed and I bet a lot of players that normally don’t spend or only buy the 30 day pass would splurge for a guaranteed Erica or Herschel.


I love the idea behind the stash and I agree more people would rather go this route but I still can’t justify spending $200 on pixels. That’s just way too much money but again that’s my opinion.

I do think they are headed in this direction slightly. They did just straight up offer Jeremia’s 6 star for 100 bucks. If that was the new Gov or Herschel I would have been seriously tempted.


Yea i would have bought the crate in the past. I didnt mind spending because I found the game fun and don’t mind splurging on fun. Now the game is more of a chore to me than fun unfortunately, however that does make it easy to not spend at least…


Know the feeling all too well. The game is is a weird place for me. Total love/hate relationship. It’s abusive and treats me like garbage but I can’t help but keep going back to it even after ever time I try to pull away from it. The friends I have made in my faction has a lot to do with it. The feeling when you do get that lucky pull or when the stun finally hits on a weapon craft. It makes putting up with the garbage we get on a daily basis easier to swallow. I am still hopeful that scopes can right the wrongs and start making positive changes that keep them in the black and at the same time makes the player base happy again. Time will tell in the mean time we just gotta keep on surviving. :wink:


What do you think about this? @kalishane


Nah they should put middle of the road or f2p toons there.