Maybe another Armory roadmap pls?

With lack of war we dont have weapons to disassemble for parts.

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My weapons overflow every week, I’ve never had a problem getting weapons

A farm like the kid from Wisconsin i am, i get 1 or 2 4* weapons a week. That doesn’t turn into DT/PK at a quick pace. I have plenty of 4* weapons to get ready, it took me 64 tries to get 1 Absolute Defense weapon, and im on try 38 on getting revive on Wyatts harpoon, i’m not lacking of tries, i’m severely lacking successful attempts though. I do have 1 revive katana, 1 stun katana, 3 stun guns, 2 impair guns. I have almost 30 attempts on kittyclaw stuns as well. Thats alot of tries and a pisston of DT/PK i blow through trying. I understand luck, but i want to murder assholes that have 4 shivas and 4 stunclaws to go with them(we have a handful of people on our server with the setup).