Maybe an Update to the Ascendance list?

Thanks for the suggestions. I totally forgot
Yellow Mirabelle, I guess she was a tournament
price last year, but that was it.

I already had Elenor on the list :wink: (Nope, I confound it with 4* Wheel)
and yeah Shayla is already in there, I got her

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Yea, I think she was given out as war reward. I have never seen again since then. Too bad.

I just figured that Brianna “March to War” would be a great addition aswell. I only have this pic from a faction mate, she is not maxed.

It’s really sad, that there are so many forgotten chars around this game. :frowning:


She really would fit into ascendance, and a reason for
me to do yellow again, because I got Ben in the
first attemt and he was the jackpot, I guess xD

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Jackpot for me would be any decent/uncommon blue character, like Bridget.

My jackpot were 4* Allen…

Congrats! My first try on yellow also was Ben. :smiley:
I did another try for Clementine, but I got Wilkins. Not sure if I want to try again, haha. :stuck_out_tongue:

Allen is great. But Axel aswell!

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Yeah, at the moment I try to get Green Kenny.
and then Blue Darius and then Red Rick

Yeah, I also like Axel he’s number 9 into my wishlist.
Allen is actually Number 1

I had green Kenny before Ascendance already. But I got a second through it. And 2 Ezes, 2 Marcus, Rosita, Margaret, and Martinez. No Rosa in sight, though.

Well at least I got a Lee from 5* Token last time though. :smiley:

Kenny and Lee I want just because they’re Kenny and Lee.

So far i got:

Red: I didn’t did red yet.

Blue: Jason, Major Gavin RTS #2

Green: Marcus, Glenn “A Larger World”, Abraham

Yellow: Ben

At least I got Rosa from the 5 Star Tokens, in my
first pull, after the update :smile: and then
I got Christa :cry:

Red gave me 2 Magna and a Rocky.
On blue I got Siddiq (yay!), Barker, Lilly and Eric.

Not sure if I’ve forgotten someone. ^^

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I have gotten Bonnie, Rocky, Ben, Rosita and Timothy,

I could do more too, but I collecting
my Tier 4, Level 70 4*, for the reason
of a real Update, even if this will take
months, I guess…

Martinez x2 Marcus,
Gator, Annie x2, Clem.
Rocky, Timothy, Lopez, Donny
Siddiq, Jason

Wow I’ve never seen these before.
Why weren’t they released.
There great

Any other really useful uncommon/unreleased 4* or 5*?




I approve of the 5* tough new list. I need to collect Aaron lol