Maybe an Update to the Ascendance list?


I’m new at the forum, but I*m playing the game since a year now
and there are some things which really annoy me.

First of all the Ascendance list. There need to be an update soon,
like it where promised. The Ascendance was and still is a great
feature but it’s getting boring if your almost have every character
and only want this one, but you don’t get, even in the 10th try
(For me 4* Cassidy and Benji). Also there are still many characters
which are unaviable at the time (4* Allen, 4* Axel RTS#1…) and some
others you can get from everywhere (4* Maggie "A New Beginning).

So I worked out a list of my Ideas for the Ascension.

4* Alert: Rick “Limited Edition”, Luke “A New Beginnig”, Chad, Eric “March to War”, Elenor “Ties That Bind”,

4* Tougth: Dale “Days Gone Bye”, Jean, Jesus “Limited Edition”, Bridget, Kelly “A New Beginning”,
Jane, Anton, Conrad “Ties That Bind”, Hershel

4* Strong: Allen, Darnell, Ezekiel “Limited Edition”, Vicki, Tony

4* Fast: Darcy, Dwight “Limited Edition”, Rabinder, Mark “RTS #1”, Joey

5* Alert: Gregory “A Larger World”, Lee “Around Every Corner”, “Roadie”, The Wanderer, Andrea, Caroline,
Scout, Clementine “All That Remains”

5* Tougth: Spencer “No Way Out”, Derek, Omid “Telltale Special Edition”, The Governour “The Best Defense”,
Amy - “Days Gone Bye”, Aaron, Dwight, Axel, Hershel “Made to Suffer”

5* Strong: Michonne “The Calm Before”, Dale “Fear the Hunters”, Skylar, Audrey, Ezekiel "Life and Death"
Tyresse “The Best Defense”, Negan, Davie

5* Fast: Christa “All That Remains”, Angela “Made to Suffer”, Jesus "All Out War"
Maggie “RTS #1”, Morgan, Tess, Tyresse “Miles Behind Us”, Mirabelle “RTS #1”,
Morgan “No Way Out”, Maggie “Somethink to Fear”, Andrea “All Out War”

That’s all at the moment. I tried to stay realstic



Jean? Bridget?

Though this is a great suggestion, I would really prefer not seeing more trash 5*s in the ascendance wheel since they are already put in the token wheel.



Omid is in there already and so does christa



Omid and Christa aren’t in there yet.
At least there not at the list.

Oh. Is there any inforation on their stats?

Persona: Citizen
Trait: Strong
Rarity: Ultra Rare (4 Stars)
Leader Skill: Does not have one.
Adrenaline Rush: Shake It Off (All teammates regain up to 40% of their max HP and recover from attack and defense penalties.)
Specialist Skill: Hemorrhage (When this specialist lands a critical hit on an enemy, that enemy suffers extreme bleeding that worsens every turn. [+150 bleed damage per turn])

Note: Darnell has yet to be officially released and is currently an unimplemented character found through datamining

Persona: Peacekeeper
Trait: Tough
Rarity: Ultra Rare (4 Stars)
Leader Skill: All ranged teammates get a medium bonus to AP when attacking. You get a small bonus to item drop chance.
Adrenaline Rush: Imparing Burst (Deal 275% damage and impair for 1 turn to one enemy and all enemies adjacent.)
Specialist Skill: Does not have one.

Note: Jean has yet to be officially released and is currently an unimplemented character found through datamining.

Persona: Soldier
Trait: Tough
Role: Damage
Rarity: Ultra Rare (4 Stars)
Leader Skill: Does not have one.
Adrenaline Rush: Bloody Exchange (Deal 250% damage and 100 bleeding for 2 turns to up to 4 enemies.)
Specialist Skill: Tenacity (If this character’s health is above 10% and they take damage that would kill them, their health will be reduced to 1 HP instead.)


Any other uncommon 4* stats?



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Scopes needs to release these guys. They look pretty useful for 4*.

…and I didn’t mean stats like that. I just meant, like, AR wise. It’s early. I’m tired. Can’t think straight yet.

Yeah, I heard of this too. I just
thougth there were better for my
version of the updated 4* Wheel, which I
post later.

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Some of these characters seem better than 5*…like look at Mariana and then look at Beta, Pretty esy to tell who is better.


Nice thread! I’d like to throw in Joey and Pocky as yellow 4* ! :smiley:

Here you go:

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Thank you. She looks interesting.

You’re welcome!

I’d like to add some:

  • 5* yellow Mirabelle, Duane and Tara “What Comes After” would be great aswell!
  • 4* red Eleanor, Valerie
  • 4* green Tony
  • 4* blue Dexter and Shayla (not sure if she is in there already)

I’d rather have them in Ascension and out of the wheel. :smiley:

All of these characters can be useful in one way or another, since there is territories to defend and that character cooldown on faction assault.