Maybe a trading post possible


I think there should be a trading post Incorporated in the game. It isn’t for trading with other faction members. Just like any of the other outposts except this one you could trade wood for food for example. There was plenty of these back in the day when things we’re starting out. And I’m sure somewhere in the comics there was a character that ran some kind of store that you could incorporate into the Trading Post like Earl is the armory. The idea is to trade your own items in for items that you need. You should be able to trade for anything.


Your suggestion has been passed on to the team.


It’s amazing no one has thought to suggest this before…thanks foreyez


Like why does this stuff exist


Some sort of trading system would be pretty cool.



How about dealing with dead or dying regions first


There will always be “why not X first”. People in regions that are fine don’t care about dying regions as much for instance.


Yeah damn sorry about that still a little bit new here I got to remember to search before posting cuz I probably would have just bumped it I guess