Maybe a Red 6* Romanov too?


I dont know about yall but Romanov has been my favorite 5* Since he came out i would like to see him as a 6* toon. :slight_smile:


1000x YES


Not gonna lie, that’s some sweet design. And yes, I would like for him to be on the next ascendance list.


@kalishane :slight_smile:


You have to do it, like this:

That’s the correct way to summon her.


But he needs a Reeeally big Flamethrower :pray:


Oh yeah


Looks like something out of Tetsuo: The Iron Man, I like it!



I would love to see him become a 6. I have 6 of him in my roster. Change his profile pic to something badassed too… like him with his metal mask on.


Yeah!! :open_mouth: When the new romanov came out i was so shocked that it wasnt the red or blue one :frowning:

Its such a shame though :frowning: i would love to see more toons like romanov, konrad, sawyer or that Abraham with a freakin rocket launcher xD
… more “overkill” designs would be so nice :3
like more crazy and unique weapons and armor :3



Sick drawing


yes would be nice to see him ascendable


I wish 5 star Green Javier had a 6 star down the road.


Whoa that’s great !!!


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