May Login Event [Feedback Thread]


Hello everyone!

Please use this thread for all things related to the May event.

Thank you!

Lori Event ... Great structure .... Poorly Started
💐 May Login Event!

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Can’t beat a free red 6* toon. No complaints here


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Got from shop purple token, now i can’t find it in my inventory…


The event is great bit what are the 2 elite tokens for, didn’t expect the rest of the stash to be good but this is taking it a bit too far.


There is a 2nd part of the stash. Any hint as to whats in it and where we get extra tokens?


First day back from being suspended.

Nuked my roster/weapons/and town in all my regions 2 weeks ago.

And don’t have to be a sponsor to the bullshit anymore with $copely.

My month is looking pretty good no complaints here.


Seems like great event, the free ascension in the museum is awesome, I already cashed it in, thanks.

Probably should have posted the announcement before it went live though from reading about people who ascended her normally.


This right here…would be nice if I can get my fodder and medals back.


I know you want to keep the wraps on the events but it would really go a long way if the day before an event launches we are given a breakdown of the entire event. So we can avoid issues like we have right now with ascending Lori before the museum collection was an option.

We all understand things happen but I feel like a lot of the complaints would never be an issue if there was just a little bit of transparancey between Scopely and the players.

Thank you.


A single elite token seems weird, I wonder if it was supposed to be an elite character token or something…

Good event overall; free 5* and a resource-free ascension (if you discount the food/toons of course), very nice but may be challenging for newer accounts to get the leveling done within 3 days. No complaints here, just wish I hadn’t made a few ascendance attempts at Lori beforehand.


WWill there be other ways to get Lori tokens, outside of purchase or daily?


Many players have Lori lvl80 , for example I had here max out a week or two before she was released , and I already claim her 6* collection

So why should I be happy to get a second Lori?
So I suggest that you should replace reward of complete the first stash with some sort of another museum collection ( add 3 or 4 collections one of them is Lori 5* )
And let player chose what they really want.
They can claim Lori or something else.
All players should be able to complete 1 and only one collection.
That can be really awesome.
The only thing that push me to claim Lori 6* is the fact that it was free (I was expecting more than that )

@kalishane please make this happen, I think this is the best solution for everyone (Lori 5* will stay available for everyone who need it, and other players can claim something else like another ascendable or legendary trainer)


I’m excited for this event! An ascendable is always appreciated, and the museum collection for the free 6 star is really awesome!! 28 days gives us plenty of time to prepare to level the 5 star in time to get the 6 star.


You but you definitely need to plan, save trainers, etc to do it all in < 2 days.


Bruh you litteraly get only 3 days to max her. You crazy?


No. If they gave me the 5 star Lori today, and gave me 24 hours, then yeah that would be too much. But we have 28 days to prepare, and save for this to happen.


I’ve got 32 Benny’s just chilling if I dont make it in 3 days oh well


I think if the stash was like the Rick one and gave a whole bunch of trainers it would be a lot more helpful and relevant to the reward. I’ll have no issue leveling her up on my main region, but on my alt I know I’m going to struggle because I’m not at the point where I can bank survivors/food etc. in legendary training. And of course it’s the alt region that would benefit most from her.