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@kalishane today we have blitz war and the calendar is saying Faction Survival Road. Also on the calendar for CRW, will the war end before mother’s day? Because I thought CRW war is Friday-Sunday. Just wondering if we are going to get a shortened war weekend. Thanks.


The photo I saw had 2 Blitz Wars (Wednesday and Thursday)

It was. She updated it like a hour ago.


Seems I missed a faction survival road lol.

Perhaps they realized oops free. Energy. Cut it back to one.

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all wars will be shortened for the duration of the aquamarine necklace collections. keep surviving

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Maybe the war rewards will switch over mid war when Mother’s Day ticks over.

Macaroni necklaces instead of aquamarine ones.
Hand drawn gear instead of actual gear.
Hug tokens instead of 5* tokens

Gee, thanks sweetie…

sorry guys – stupid mistake. Mixed up what day it was when I changed it this morning!

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No pancakes for you! Lol

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Actually you changed it last night but ok

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And that still doesn’t explain why it was changed :thinking: Can you elaborate

It rhymes with free energy from flowers

The SR or war?

@kalishane Mistakes happen :hugs: can you let us know if War will go through Sunday next weekend or is there no event on Sunday! Thank you!

My guess they will leave the CRW duration the same as regional war, aka shorter, just move the time back to Friday start

and this morning!

I’ve changed it many a time.

It was changed due to a bug regarding the stronghold. We didn’t want to risk it.

Ok cool thanks for the reply … now about our other question

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