May - Daily Login

Hey @kalishane,

do you have some information about the login benefits in may?


Please let it be better than 2* Burts :grinning:


Yeah those trainer crates are shit.
Dunno what they were thinking.


The event could be similar to Maggie or RTP Rick. I hope for the latter because that one offered tokens as well.

I enjoyed the free trainers, they were helpful in leveling my newly upgraded 6 stars.


I agree they did help me out quite a bit. The level up events where YGL didn’t pop up they came in handy.

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Hopefully this month is actually good lol

I have no understanding for your words. Trainers are quite useful and we got them for free. Let‘s be grateful we get a daily login gift at all.


Edit, stash appeared after all

i got this instead a lori token…what did everyone else get?

Weird. It was the Normal Purple one for me

Lori Token for me

There are a ton of people who already ascended lori, or multiples of her!
Why wouldnt you pop this stuff at the same time?
I got Lori via tower, 5 mins later, collection, 5 mins later, stash???
You just trolled alot of players into losing medals and fodder…

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They are definitely trolling us


anyone want to swap my purple for a lori token? ill throw in a 6 pack and a pack of smokes

Me :cry::cry::cry::cry::cry::cry::sob::sob::sob: sooo pissed

The stash is the 5* Lori yes? Still need the medals

check the museum

That’s just mean

Materials bag? How about the single Elite Item token? :slight_smile: