Maximum coins from league?


what is the maximum coins that u can get from leagues ??? i meam from diamond 5 !!


Everyone in Diamond 5 gets 760 at the end of the week.


It’s 660 in platinum


If I woulda known that we would be getting coins each week, I woulda tried so hard for Diamond


Thanks for the information, there is no need to get excited to be level 5.


Get coins for every league don’t you?

760 for Diamond 5 means there actually isn’t that much difference in the top 10 or so leagues, only 100 coins I think.

Much better League Store tokens though.


+100 coins from Plat to Dia is worth how much effort/resources, do you wager?

I’m guessing watching vids is substantially easier


Meant when we first started Leagues didn’t know we’d be getting coins every week


That’s a 200 coin difference for me right now.


Very true.
It is pretty much is the definition of a rat race.

Don’t do it for the prizes, do it because it’s your right level of activity.


My level of activity is pretty much every chance I get, so I should probably be either early Diamond or late Platinum if it was based off of activity


I’m in dia3 and I play as much as I used to before leagues. Not worth the extra effort if you ask me. I was pretty stacked on resources so I’m able to burn these as I please, though.


I don’t do anything extra for leagues. The only thing that changed for me is I burn my natural raid energy more during the week. I used to not really raid outside tourneys. I’m just a high activity player.


ty guyz… yeh i think it is not worth it put extra efforts in


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