Maxed toon or maxed weapon?

Ok so this morning i had both crit territorys i used 6 blowtorches and 24k armory tokens and got 6 failed attempts all on the same craft for the same weapon, this is the 19th time i have failed in this craft.

Scopley released 6 star trainers with a statement saying that they were doing this so that players can get there toons into battle quicker.

For me i have had a toon maxed at level 150 for 2 weeks now but refused to put them into battle because there weapon is poor if there weapon was half decent i would have put them into battle before i even had them maxed out.

So would you put your toon into battle without them being maxed if the weapon was decent or would the toon being maxed mean more than the weapon?

In my case and my point is that there needs to be a review of the armory there needs to be a cap on how many failed attempts you get on a weapon scopley should of had this looked at before the release of 6 star trainers for me theres no point in having a toon maxed when you can’t get the weapon you need.


I was thinking something similar today actually, but rather than having a failure cap, I was thinking a guaranteed craft, so for example, if you throw down 200K armory tokens Earl gives you the exact craft you want, no RNG, just straight up here you go, you want Rampage? Boom 200k tokens, done, you want elusive impair? 200k tokens, thank-you very much my good sir, and nice day to you etc.etc.


Entierly depends on the toon and the weapon and whether it is for attack of defence and in particular the AP gain you are expecting per hit.

Defence is more important to have the better weapon since you have no control so need a more perfect set up. I aren’t putting down the defence I’ve been working towards for a long time despite having the toons because I don’t have the weapons I want for the team yet.

For attack it comes down to ap gain first and foremost. Id still run a Priya for example with a 4 star weapon or an Aarav with an imperfect 4th slot, as long as they are gaining the AP they need.

It is however exceptionally annoying to have dozens of fails for one particular desired craft and it shouldn’t be that difficult.

I like the idea of 200k tokens for a guarantee


Depends on the toon. Aarav needs maxing out to work. Lilly can be used at t1 l1

And yeah crafting sucks. sorry


Thanks for the feedback im just looking feedback options and opinions on armory like @Vitalogy said 200k for a guarantee is a good idea or something like that so we can maybe take it to parker to raise the issue with pc and see if we can get some sort of changes towards it.

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I already wasted 2 weeks of failed attempts without the 6 blowtorchs today would of been another 2 weeks who wants to wait a month to just get the 1 craft you want so thats why i’m posting to see if i can get the issue raised

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You can make sure PC see you suggestion here:


I am confused…did you actually failed the craft or didn’t get critical success??:thinking:


Sorry i got the critical success but i dident get the one i was aiming for out of 19 times

I havent been able to get focused stun splash damage or ap gain on at least 20 or more attempts each

Yeah thats the issue that we are trying to raise there should be a cap on how many times you fail to get the one your aiming for so we can try and figure out a way to change that

It’s just yet another aspect of this game where you’re at the mercy of RNG.

It took me 30+ attempts to get one rampage weapon (now I’m running really low on parts for ranged weapons). I tried for 3 months before I got my first 8% AP weapon then I got 2 in a row. I got focused stun on Pete’s gun on my first try.

What’s worse is when you finally get a result you want and then don’t get a crit result on your next 2 crafts and your weapon that you thought was going to be great ends up being just average. I don’t have one single perfect weapon but I seem to see loads in war :unamused:.

I do think improvements could be made in the crafting process. It would be nice to be able to reset certain slots rather than the whole weapon. Or have a new way to improve the odds of getting a better result.


lol 19 times, i been trying for rampage for over 100 attempts and still going… RNG can be a bitch esp when you are in the wrong bucket.

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I recall trying for alert weapon stun and failing for months them after that got it pretty easy.

Don’t get me wrong my anger frustration and annoyance are through roof as gone for rampage now more times than recall… did 2 attempts yesterday with blowtorch grease varnish the works… both crafts both rubbish… massive waste.

Yet have a guy in my faction that gets rampage pretty much back to back…

I’d happily pay a token fee for guaranteed weapon stat. But equally I think scopely need to now revisit craft cost and up success rate


19 is just on this one i have had others at 50 plus what annoyed me most is i wasted 2 weeks trying first which isent to bad but its the fact i used 6 blowtorchs and failed on all 6 without them it would have been another 2 weeks without the craft i was looking, nobody in the game should be trying for a month to get 1 craft that they want not at the rate that the game is moving these days, they give us 6 star trainers they need to change the cap on how many times you fail on the craft you are trying for, and when you do get it then there needs to be a little lock button to lock that craft in instead of a lock for the whole weapon.

I only use Blowtorches for 5% and AP Upgrades! For sure you can Challange the Luck and use them first pip for specials or epics. But that’s wasted of you think of how much time you save to use them for AP and 5 or 3% upgrades.

In my opinion it takes a day and a half to craft, the blowtorchs are hard to come by i think if you use one you should get an extra successful percentage or maybe even a 50/50 chance at 2 of the crit success that you choose from instead of 4.


i agree with you… i have been working on rampage ever since the release of the armory update… 100+ is being conservative. almost all my attempts in armory have been on rampage with atleast 30+ BT attempts mixed in… and still have yet to get it…

The idea of been able to craft a guaranty wepow effect it’s not good bcs whales would capitalize on it!!.
My suggestion in the past was not to charge a mod attempt when you fail or don’t like the outcome of crafting, we would’ve be able to accept or not the crafting outcome, this way avoid the need to reset wepow every time. Like that we would be able to have 2 mods done and the 3rd attempt wouldn’t compromise or affect the rest of the wepow tha we already invest on it.
That wouldn’t make craft easier or more reliable but at least eliminate the unnecessary waste of resources and we would be able to keep the other mods upgraded untouchable. Reset wepow should be use when we want completely change a wepow ,not resetting every time we fail a craft

It doesn’t matter, fail is not getting what you need, I am going to reset the weapon if I am not getting Rampage it doesn’t matter if it success