Maxed OUT Roxie

Can you tell me then how some players have a maxed out Roxie way before Blitz war.

How was this player able to get those Blue Flags? CHEATING

I have reported it, but you let them continue to war. I hope you through the hammer down on this cheating person and their faction. now that you confirmed they have not been released.


Plenty of ways to get the blue flags…

  1. you could have transferred to another region and reset the stash.

  2. there was a progressive deal spending coins that included blue flags.

Wasting your time reporting.


And people wonder why it takes so long to get rid of the actual cheaters/hackers its people like this who jump on omg he is cheating train. Before you report ask around, the stash can reset every time you transfer out, maybe his faction moved during the event or he transferred somewhere else, which sets the stash back at zero for him where he can get twice the rewards.

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Thanks for posting this question I have been wondering if it was going to be worth it to trade in all the resources and time to max out two toons plus flags. Your post answers the question…
… only to be short more flags with no opportunity to earn them sounds frustrating good luck… Seems much like another fac assault Tara… By the time we get flags the toon will be useless

There have also been roadmaps, I think there was a blue one about 2 weeks ago.

You need 6 more flags to t3 her and like 20+ after that!

What I always hate about this community… always thinks someone is cheating before doing a little bit of checking around. Like has been said there was an progressive Memorial Day deal (rather expensive one)… but no let’s all continue you to point fingers and excusing each other 1st

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Why bother she is not a game breaking toon. If soneone have her good for him couse she is trash.

Lol so ignorant


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