Maxed mod crate\bag....... Not long enough

I got a bag, was not paying attention, opened it said maxed mods showed 4 gold mods but when I looked to see them in mods management none are maxed out the ones that showed after opening. So where did they go?

Is this just part of the current mess ups?

Here is the picture says maxed mods guess it was x10 I was supposed to get

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The 80k bag got me 3 maxed mods(defense vs tough). The 100k gave me a ton of maim mods but none were maxed

None are actually maxed. I’m guessing it was a classic case of a fuck up.

And i also i got attack set and defense set. It looks like you didn’t hit 80k yet which why you haven’t received any yet

I think it was the bag had 2 bags, one that was max mods,.one that was basic.mods

we all prolly got the basic one

So some get maxed mods others don’t?
That’s what it says we get is “maxed” nothing mentions otherwise.

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I hit these

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Looking at the rewards it does say CHANCES for random max mods so i think you’re right.
Well i least i got lucky for once

It’s the white crate that says x10 maxed mods bag in picture above for the 60k

Problem is says “max mod bag” so it should be interpreted as you get x10 maxed mods gold or a single maxed silver.
If they meant that you should get what you say, then it should say “mods with a chance at maxed mods”, as is it means you get a chance at 10 gold or a single silver max mod.
I’m glad I got the gold x10 hate to only get the 1 silver.

I did hit 80k. Haven’t checked all of the mods I got but the ones I did check weren’t maxed.

I thought everyone got the maxed mods at 80k cause i got them but i was wrong. I got lucky is all

80k milestone for me shows nothing about amounts. Only thing that shows amount is x1 Lilith and other guy

My bags are a different color. Are you in platinum?

30 mods. Red bag has attack vs Alert gold mods. Idk about the other bag but I assume it’s the same but a different trait.

So the bag isn’t max right? Is it’s only the 80k one

Yes I am

I didn’t not get a single maxed mod for any of the things that said it contains Max mods.
Just another scopely scam with words

What a lame af reward. 30 level 1 attack vs alert mods… Really? Fkn worthless. Shoulda just given a bag of scraps… Got 10 mods from the first one, none maxed but at least they were random so i got a couple I’ll be able to use…

Just amagine the people that may get the single silver mod!