Max town hall level

Any idea when we get a town hall lvl 21 i mean shouldn’t we be able to access the rest of the town I could sure use the space and it’s been some time


Hopefully its all farms and storage in the new opened area. I don’t need anymore materials. lol


You still have material posts? I run 4 scavenger camps.

Same. But that is what I mean… I don’t need anymore materials…

They should make some new buildings available for gear building and go over maximum lvl 20

Like I said two other times, Kalishane mentioned a future update back at the old site, where the Town Hall could be upgraded further, also mentioning new kinds of buildings and town expansion.

Still, that was last year, as I remember, and untill now, nothing like that has been implemented into the game as promised.

How about we cancel this Gear Depot bullwaste and insert this idea instead?

It involves more cash for Scopes since people are more eager to expand their Town walls and mess around with new stuff instead of wasting their time exchanging for gear they could easily farm in the old Gear Roadmap.

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Looks like right now that they are more interested in fleecing us for food by constantly selling it for coins and throwing level up after level up at us.

Yet another unfinished feature in the gamr. a full quarter of woodbury is essentially a walled off ghost town.

Walled off walker pit?

Needs more balls for double the excitement.