Max Number of Posts?


There is a limit about post count ? Since i can’t reply to threads i wanted to ask it here.


Ok, I got to 10am yesterday and then couldn’t post any more.

Would be nice to understand the limitations on posts as a “new” person (ignoring my +1800 posts from the old forum)


Definetly agree with you @Kanaima. I am currently posting this and getting closer to the limit but had to say what happened. Yesterday i could not reply to threads i could help people out or express my thoughts. You can’t event reply to PMs if you hit the limit which sux.

Is there a link or FAQ that shows these limits and when/how they get lifted?


I’ve done most of the things on the post and haven’t been upgraded to level 2 yet.

Done all but log on for 15 days but other have it already and I don’t

No fun


According to this we should be trust level 2 but am i missing something?


This link says you have to log on for 15 days to get trust lvl 2


Thanks @mountkay but admins can change threshold in regular_requires_days_visited which is 15 by default as discourse link you provided says but it is unknown for this forum i guess and admins can change pretty much all requirements so we still need clarification.

PS: we are running out of post counts @kalishane :rofl:


I figured this would be a problem on these forums because a lot of users that transfered over are already experienced.

Normally 15 days sound reasonable, but a lot of us have been forum members for months already. We just have to grind thru this discourse intro stage now.


What amount do you guys feel is ideal for first-day new members?


if it is only first day its no big deal i guess it can stay this way, but if it is every day till we get to trust level 2 then it is a problem :rofl:


If this has the potential of snowballing into a huge problem for the public then I will see what @kalishane can do.


Mick, I think its a problem for those of us who were previously well established on the forums. I don’t actually know how many posts I am able to do per day, but if I am going to spend two weeks at threat of being cut off mid-discussion I’m more likely to just not bother ergo it is stifling the discussion. Is there any way to see a countdown of how many we have left at least?

Appreciate the need to prevent new users spamming the forum, but I think it is an issue.


I’ve bit the limit each day and it makes me not want to contribute or comment… let alone have a back and forth conversation.

… just used one of my posts for this…

24 hrs fine limit to prevent spamming, but should be more steady increase as it’s actually counter productive for anyone wanting to engage the community.


I understand and it makes sense.

I will talk to Discourse and change this due to our situation. :slight_smile:

Thank you everyone!