Max lvled Bored and stuck

Just a vent post haha.

I’ve been maxed lvl for months, thanks to SR tourneys lol. I already blew through all the mats for lvl 100-125 Duct tape and PK kits all gone, got maybe one successful weapon out of all those.

My issue is their really isnt anything to do once you reach 125, I cant even craft weapons, the only thing useful to me to progress in game is weapons and t4 gear for 6*, which both are a rarity in events or tourneys.

This last nugget event seemed okay, tho unless you got first or second in the solo events you probably didnt get to far with it. I feel like the damn crates you get are rigged, I got 4 gps on one account and 4 canteens on another, the other crates werent much different 4 watches in both regions.

I have spent alot on this game pulling toons that are now free(not relevant)and then pulling 6* I cant even lvl to max…The rewards in tourneys are garbage now, its almost like a chore rather then fun to login and play them…Yeah I need a lilith but why waste my time when all the other rewards are trash and she is the last completion reward…The lameness has gotten so bad that I only login if I see my faction needs something…

I loved this game, and was addicted to it, but I’m not going to give into the marketing machine anymore, you guys are great at repackaging a beaten up old toon and then giving us only part of what we need and expecting us to spend thousands for the other pieces…

Make some smart choices and think about the community more, for now this whale is free willy…Peace!


Yes… End game progress is severely lacking. We always had toons to look forward to upgrading and using. We don’t even have that anymore because of the blockades around every corner.



S O S A Y W E A L L !!!

To everyone who rushed to get to 125.


I take it as it goes, no need to rush for it, I’m at level 112 in Chattahoochee, still sitting at 68 world cans, rather just use natural energy, crafted an abs def and stun gun. I still have a bunch of dt and pk too.

I’m going take a break for a few weeks to a few months then come back to the forums to see if its gotten any better. If not, well there’s other games that don’t cost even a quarter of scopely prices to be competitive


Dt, pk,world energy,coins,5* tokens

Better than most tourneys


and now that you rushed do you feel accomplished now that you are back to being bored now?

hmm I think the answer is


Did I say I was bored Now?

There was nothing else to do in game, and that was the only way I could reliably get DT and PK

Spreading out that content or doing it all at once, what’s the difference? It’s the same amount of roadmaps to farm and SR to do in order to get levels.

I wasn’t even really rushing, I did get top 10 in a few SR which was a big boost, and my faction would grab the XP territories if we could on XP map day

And now look at ya. Maxed out nothing to do. While me I’m at 114 just coasting not caring about my weapons which I have only crafted 1 stun gun so why rush to get those items when it is more than likely to give you nothing for your time and effort.


Well lets think, why not just cruise around at lowbie levels and not grind? Because the game is dying, and by the time you get your 2nd stun gun, there won’t be anyone left to war against to use it…

I’m seeing lots of people ascend toons for the firs time this week ROFL, and we have a game-killing CRW on tap this weekend.

Already saw mass retirings this week on my region. People aren’t even waiting for CRW

We need further legendary characters in rewards and the relevant kit and rewards needed to progress the characters. I’ve got a way to go yet, currently level 106 P11 S3 but it’s beginning to dawn on me that unless I’m willing to pay a lot of cash I’ll struggle to maintain my solo ranking - I wonder if that even matters - I guess even if I did splash cash I would reach the wall. I’m still learning and enjoying the game, although there are major improvements needed. I can see that and I’m a novice, you guys who know your s*** must be really frustrated

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Mostly just sad. I used to love this game. I still sorta do, but I’m no longer passionate. Don’t spend.

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I have done just the same this week.

Agree wholehearted with @Joker too, in the same boat. I want to see this game get better, I really do. But I’m done for now.

First attempt after neglecting my armory completely for over a week



I got my first this week too!

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Congrats guys, those ADs are going to work great against my T1 Dusty defense, hope you match my region LOL free points!

Trusty Dusty, never rusty

Maybe a little crusty

Uh… Something something Gusty?

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How about

Trusty Dusty, always a must-see

Had a fling with Mr. Gusty (FO4)
now her pie is shredded and rusty

I’m not good at poems :frowning:

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