Maths for glove event to the museum please


We can collect a total of 30k gloves, 10k of each blue, red and green gloves to get Maggie, Dwight and Knox. Heres the maths for this event, assuming scopely keeps the number of gloves earned from milestones the same.

Level up: Blue gloves - Maggie
100k - 300 gloves
500k - 500 gloves
1.25m - 900 gloves
1700 gloves per level up event, if you hit the 1.25 million milestones each level up you can get Maggie.

Raid: Red gloves - Dwight
700 - 500 gloves
1200 - 800 gloves
1800 - 1200 gloves
2500 per raid event, if you hit the 1800 milestone in each raid event you can get Dwight.

SR: Green gloves - Knox
Silver - 500 gloves
Gold - 800 gloves
Elite - 1300 gloves
2600 gloves per SR event, if you finish elite in SR then you can get Knox.

Im hoping these are just the usual crap faction event rewards but it looks like we will have to hit those milestones to get any of the 3 toons. Assuming scopely sticks to their usual event schedule, we will have about 6 level ups, 4 raid events and 4 SR events before this whole event is over to collect Maggie, Dwight and Knox.

Remember, dont fall for the carrot dangled from a stick.

Hoping i am wrong but its looking like its gonna be a grindy and/or a $pendy xmas :smile:

$$$ grind, gloves, get good $$$


Grind your Christmas away to get sh*tty rewards.


More Ascendable characters that are not worth Ascending. And if you actually chose to Ascend them the only way to level them up will be to buy gear.

Thanks Scopley for the best Christmas present ever.


So whos grinding these out to get and/or has them ascended and has tried them out? What are your thoughts on Maggie, Dwight and Knox?


I already had Maggie and dwight, i ascended Maggie. Like her so far. Need ti rework mods but planning on putting her in a d team


I have Maggie and Dwight, so will be putting in the effort for Knox. He’s got decent bleed damage, and I’m interested in making a team centered around that mechanic.


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