Mateo, Adam, Mercer, Princess & Angel

Mateo’s rush is interesting lol.

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Mercer maybe


Do you have santa Mercer’s skills

No, it’s TBD

I just realized I had checked leaks and forgot her.

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Really, “while battling on the defense team” now we will limit rush to defense or attack teams cause rng rush like Sergio wasnt enough.


download (6)
Hello Neighbour lookin’ ass Mateo


Adam has a maga hat ?

Can’t be. Unless you got pixel HD clear zoom in. Show me it.

It might just be a red cap.

likely just a red cap. but he might be on side.

Mercer S class shield with great chance to stunning
That will definitely be a money maker

He has a MRTSGA hat, Make Road To Survival Great Again

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He’s not a shield, otherwise he’d be a tank.

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