Matchups crw 1/4/19 - 1/6/19

So yeah where are they?


Can you use it in a sentence, please?


I went to a football match, up the Forest!!!

They’re a little gun shy to post the matchups probably because so many complained one of the last times they did and a bunch of “top factions” gathered in one region so they didn’t have to fight each other. Lol

Well that also caused the Notorious Vs AP match-up and see how much scopely earned out of that :slight_smile:

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Not after you calculate in refunds. :wink:

I heard RU was gonna be matched with more EN regions. Prepare for some hackers :ru:

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Who cares what the match ups are honestly …

I think some peeps do inculding me. I don’t want to face whale regions, coin wars are to expensive

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Are you going to leave the region if you get matched against a whale region ?

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Erm whut? No why would I ever leave my region for a war event?

So how is knowing what region you are facing going to change the outcome if you get matched against a whale region ? You don’t plan on leaving the region so it doesn’t matter if you know before war who you are facing

Yeah well if we match whales it’s fine we lose then move on. It’s fun to know which region we are facing either way. Info on what the rewards are is also on teh same page which is a bonus. Also a small preperation to know which towers are the more important once.

I would like to see the rewards but bet it’s going to be underwhelming anyways

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