Matchup is lop sidded

We are 65 rank in CRW and are getting matched up with top 5 every match.

I hate CrW and don’t know why people always beg for it. It sucks, matchmaking is broken, only the Too 5 really get a decent reward. It’s a waste of time, everything about it sucks and it’s dominated entirely by whales. Fuck, war.


Matchmaking is working as intended. :smirk:

:fish: :whale:


You do not know what you are talking about
If you think match ups are working

Shockingly no 1 hour wait on any searches.

Scooping is doing nothing but feeding the cheaters and whales


Let me break it down for you. :smirk: Is a smirk meaning I’m being sarcastic. Then I had a :fish: represent the f2p or small spender being chased/eaten by a :whale: whale because scipley feeds the f2p to the whales on purpose.

Get it, got it, good. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Ok I get it now lol

Thanks slopley

We are now rank 76 and still getting matched up with top 5 faction whales
Who are all prestige 13 with OP toons, mods, and weapons

If all the other mid tier factions arent in queue then the only people you will face are the top 5 since they are the only ones in queue. Its unfair, but not much you can do about it.

My faction is ranked in the 100’s and we are getting matched with top 20 ranked factions. How is this fair?

That’s probably because the top factions are constantly queuing up. The lower factions generally tend to have a longer time to queue up. My thinking is that matchmaking works as such

All the teams queued up at a particular time are randomly matched based on some scopee algorithm. Unfortunately there are more top and active factions that are likely to be in a queue for matchups at a given time as compared to a lower faction. That’s my guess as to why lower ranked factions more likely end up facing top factions.

That’s why the top 10 May have over a 100 wars but the factions after 20 May have only 50 wars.

The above numbers are just an example to show the difference in activity.

Match up sucks… but on a positive note haven’t had to buy ant cans… war us my favorite part of this game… and just won’t play war anymore cause it really isn’t fun going against top 10 factions every battle

Then it would stand to reason that they would have more opportunities to match with the other top factions, if they all finish wars within 5 minutes and are searching against the other top 5 are doing the same. So they should face each other. 65 wars in for our top faction and they still haven’t faced 2nd place

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What I am saying is just an assumption but if the pool consists of 7 top factions and 3 low ranked factions, you know the poor low ranked guys are gonna get screwed.

I have seen it in lastAOW where out 30 factions we being no 2 fought the top faction in almost 50+wars. That’s cos the pool of active or queued up factions was really small

Again all this based on my experience not necessarily correct

Spotty screwed up the coding again and they know they did
But they will never admit to it

Logic would dictate that the top 10 should always be facing off against each other based on how quickly and frequently they queue up yet it seems like the game does not do this but instead time and time again it will match a top faction against the weaker ones. It happens this way far to often to not be by design in order to make the whales feel good about spending.

I know this is true because when my other whale teammates get their time out teams blown out of the water by a bigger whale in the same amount of time as my crappy f2p defense they start to question why they spend since the result is the same.

The game has been out of balance for as long as I can remember. The problem is its continually getting worse with zero signs of improvement.

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Match making is certainly odd. 1vs 2 have faced off 11 times while 1 vs 3 have only faved off twice. Seems inconceivable.

11 times for top two is far better than most crw groups. Top two in my group have faced each other just 1 time