Matchmarking unfair

Matchmarking is a lie. My faction was ranked 50.
70% of the wars went against the top 3 factions. We always wait 30 minutes looking for the opponent. The first war only came after 92 factions had already scored, the top1 was already in the 3rd battle while we were still looking for the first one.
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Oh my GOD! Still with this?! Guys, there were some problems with matchups, yeah… but this wasn’t one of them!!! If you’re a low activity faction, filled with S14 teams, but because of low activity you’re ranked 50th, then you’ll get better ranked teams, close to your faction strength!!!
If 92 factions scored and you couldn’t find a matchup, that just validates what I was saying before… You filled late, clicked find late, while most of the other factions were already in battle. Or do you think Scopely should have aborted some ongoing wars just to give you guys some lower search times?!
Jeez… Get your sh!t together, people!


The war was over and 30 seconds later we were already looking for opponents. This all weekend long. 24 hours because we have players from different countries (Brazil and Portugal). We are not low activity factions. We have always fought 200 battles throughout the wars, but in the last two we could not reach 100 because we found no opponents.

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Use two stars are your generals.

@Harry1 I can refer you to my reply around matchmaking from this morning here
Can we talk about problems with War, again?

@Disillusioned - Thanks for your feedback. Matchmaking is always a priority for us and that’s why we encourage and welcome all the feedbacks everyone can provide around this particular aspect of the game. Based on this, the team is continually optimizing the matchmaking process to improve the player experience.


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