Matchmaking there's nothing wrong with it


I guess it’s finally clicked in that you scumbags favor Spenders and it’s just not ever going to change. Whatever there’s no reason in hell that are ranked one faction should be attacking of 30 + ranked team over and over. I was thinking because factions that were active we’re getting more challenges that’s not f****** true you direct more challenges. They never seem to have a trouble getting matches. Because you make sure that they get connected each and every time there’s no wait for them. I’ve watched the leaderboard in the scoring I know who’s getting matches more than others.while group sets and searching cuz we don’t spend.dont even coin


So true.

Broken ass game is broken. It’s all about feeding the ego’s of the top players so they continue to spend on premier recruits and soon mods. I get it from a business standpoint but from a competitive game’s viewpoint, it’s garbage.


Your post fails to have logic behind it. If the number one ranked faction faces the 30th ranked faction, there is no spending. So if your claims were true, scopely would actually rather have the top 4 teams continually fight each other because that’s where coining occurs.


Yeah I didn’t really separate that but there was two points there it’s strange that the number one faction seems to battle everybody when they really should only be battling closer opponents and there’s been a few times while we sit waiting for 10 minutes searches that the number one faction battles 2 *or more to our once


It probably gives you first available if nobody closer to your strength is available. Sounds like it’s working fine


So what are the number one factions supposed to do only attack the other 7 number one factions all war?


what are the lower factions supposed to do, only attack once while they all get slaughtered and face teams they can’t beat? Sounds like a great plan to have a lot of people lose interest in war.

Top factions will keep fighting to hold on to spots even if they face the same teams over and over.


if it was possible, I would suggest a point modifier value based on current points. If a #50 ranked team with 1mil points faces #5 ranked team with 5mil points, they are essentially 5to1 points. This brings lower factions on even ground with higher ranked factions. when the gap starts to close, modifier shrinks making sure the weaker faction never overtakes the stronger one.


Or maybe because the top factions are always queue’d when they are matching that it’s unfortunate timing for the lower factions when they do match.


That’s a lot of unfortunate timing considering how many lower factions there are.


I think this is more a problem with CRW involving 8 regions tbh.

What are usually top three faction in each region now make up the top 24 in CRW. When those usually dominant factions find a match against a 30th placed faction in CRW it to the same standard (or should be) of a number 1 faction meeting a number 4 faction in region war.

I think some ot the problem is down to our perception of numbers, 1st against 30th seems so much more unfair than 1st v 4th.


Top 2 factions 316 wars, 12 losses.
Assuming they were all against each other that’s about 1/26 matchups. Across 8 regions that’s about 1/4 matches against other “1” teams. Maybe 1/5 since 3-8 are slightly less active.

Seems ok to me


We got 25th in War.

Was fighting top 10 more than 11-25.
Fighting ranked factions 26 down even less.


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