Matchmaking is terrible


Scopely, your matchmaking for war is TERRIBLE. Get better.


THIS war? Matchmaking sucks a monkeys balls since 2017.


I didn’t see the word “this” at all or anything implying op was talking about only this war


I was just pointing it out for Scopes. If I didn’t they would be like “Whaaaaaaat? Nobody ever said a word!”.


Theyll read this and laugh and say in their office meetings it all part of the plan to get people to buy, buy, buy and buy some more so they also can be good in a video game that is rng based instead of skill based. All part of scopelys plan to make match making the worst. Also the whales egos have to be fed


the matchmaking is so bad because they need to keep the spenders happy and best way for them to do that is let them smash smaller factions




lmao git-gud is censored ok scopely


Like all CRW xD


Fully unreal were 49 matching up with rank 1 2 constantly


Its for your protection… See my pic. Gotta keep you safe


Honestly for us this had been the best matchmaking they have done.


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