Matchmaking is horrible

Facing the same teams over and over.

Odd, sounds like our usual raid matching. :slight_smile:

We have fought all our 15 wars againest the same regions factions, still yet to fight a faction from one of the other 6 regions in our CRW. Not sure what the odds are on that, but its gotta be huge!.

Feel like we are being feed to the top factions. First time in forever I will struggle for the milestones.

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Over 250 factions warring. We are about 50 yet keep getting matched to top 5 back to back. This is a complete joke and waste of time. Shortened war, messed up start times, messed up prizes, and the worst matchmaking I ever seen.


They have been doing this forever. Gotta feed there ego’s so they keep pulling for all the premieres.

Yep. Seeing the same results here. As usual.

CRW sucks. If it weren’t for the milestones it wouldn’t even be worth playing. Hell 1000th still gets the gps or canteen.

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My faction has been getting matched with the same strength teams so far but then all of a sudden we started getting top 10 rank. We rank at #68.

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My faction was getting quite favourable match ups yesterday but then once our activity dropped for our night shift we were pulling a lot of top 10 factions. Today has been a bit of a mix across top 100.

Theres no way I’m hitting 100k with shortened time, delays, terrible match making, ugh.

Indeed the matching is at its finest in terms of making sure the top factions do way more fighting to lower rank factions of each of these regions. If these regions are anything like mine(with the exception of extremely dead regions) they each have a top 3 with equal amount of six stars and weapons that should just juggle and circle between each other between the regions of the top factions. Plenty of competition for them but instead its top factions just being feed back to back with lower ranked factions. I always played this game for the competition aspect not for the easy wins of factions that have one six star with a bunch of 5 stars behind it.

Gotta keep their money stream happy. Can’t have their money stream fighting VK cheaters either.

But one would think that the money is between fighting people of equal strength. Even when lower rank factions fight each other they coin battle as well. No one coins agasint lop sided match ups.


I hear ya. Had really unbalanced matches since it started.

We are 78th just matches against team that is 7th. This is horrible horrible matchmaking algorithms.

This is the top 3 regions at present. Scopley has literally fed these top two regions.

How do you have so many wars? That seems impossible.

Buying cans. Its a race to finish the lower factions as fast as they can.

That’s the region totals not factions

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Yeah idk about most players but I am very and absolutely agaisnt buying war cans unless completely necessary and that is very rare and I am p2p. Ill buy a ton of sr cans before I ever buy a ton of war cans or even think about buying a single one from the shop.

Truer words were never spoken. When the teams are equal in strength many cans and coins will flow. When an op team gets spoon fed a team it’s over in 10 minutes and no one uses a can or coins.

Fix your busted ass matchmaking system.


Since posting we have come up against 11th and 3rd also! Smh

What is the purpose of CRW versus regular war?

To anger us, even more, when we see over 200 teams fighting and yet we still can’t get one outside the top 10.

Broken matchmaking is broken. Try fixing it.

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