Matchmaking is awful!

Jesus christ… It takes my faction 20+ minutes to match per fight!
Did you not think these region pairings through?

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we have had 1 war since in started and in the que behind now 27 factions from out region warring to 5 of the other region

Same here. Only 1 war since the event started and we have been in queue for hours :cry:

This is history repeating itself lmao. Anyone remember that piss-poor CRW with Command Maggie as reward? I remember my faction was in queue for hours at end as we watched opposing factions get matched match after match.

I’m sure all our feedback is religious brought to the team bahahahaha @JB.Scopely @GR.Scopely

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awesome, no one is coining cause they cant war

the non toc regions are spending more lol

yep end is near, push as many op toons as possible
milk as much and then let it die slowly

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