MATCHMAKING IN WAR needs to be fixed,we are getting match 8 of 10 times agaisnt top factions from wave 1

Normally a pain in the ass but really a kick in the balls when it’s woc factions you get spin cycled with

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This is true,its very strange top 13 get top 1 six times in 3 hours

I think matchmaking should just be random. Seems like the only way everyone gets a fair chance

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Yep it’s like matchmaking went back to what it was over a year ago before they tweaked it. We usually sit between 20-25 and get a good range if matches warring in 1b. This war a vast amount of our matches were against the top10.

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We got matched with the top 5 factions about half the time.

It sucked. Very much. Like Scopely’s cookin’ :face_vomiting:


Sadly, it may be because few others care to war…?

I have considered this. The probability that you match top 10 (and they are top 10 because they are active AF) frequently passes the smell test.

I really hope the Merc feature will give some of these less active factions a chance to get in the mix. It’s in everyones best interest to have as many factions in the match pool as often as possible.


lol… I think there are lot’s of things in this games best interest that Scopely will never consider doing. I assume it’s because the game’s manager’s are always trying to build their short term performance numbers at the cost of the game being “fun”.

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As a software engineer, I can attest that this is the unfortunate lifecycle of software development.

We had the same issue, but my guess it’s down to a lot of factions not bothering with wars anymore in wave 1, as the faction pool in wave 1 gradually decreases , which it will because I don’t see many from wave 2 or 3 wanting to go there , scopely will just force people into wave 1, same way they waited to lock everyone in the first time before announcing waves.

Not the case in 1b. This is the first War since they tweeked the matchmaking where it’s been like this. 1b is highly competitive and has a high faction population. For a year we’ve been getting decent matchmaking - some top 10, some 11-25, some 26-50 and every now and again some 51+. A new war feature comes out and that exact war we end up getting an insane amount of top 10, completely different to every war from the last year? Thats not a coincidence


Good luck with it.


They won’t get profit from fixing the matchmaking, not sure if they will fix it

They did fix it last year with an update. It’s why a year ago every war you saw ‘matchmaking’ topics on the forum about the poor alogoritm that used to determine it, but you have rarely seen these posts for a year.
It seems that since this new update was focussed on War that they have defaulted to the original matchmaking algorithm that they moved on from a year ago.

There were complaints after WoC 3 that top facs did not face each other enough. I wonder if that was what flipped it back. Maybe they can’t tune matchmaking to be both lenient on lower facs and tough on the top shrug just a theory…

Felt okay to me but we came crw 2nd so probably not a fair perspective

Did notice in the last few weeks wars we were pulling number 1 every other match

I’ve been travelling through most of the Blitz, so warred sparsely myself. We ended up 6th, usually were ranked beween 5th and 8th throughout the event from what I could see in LINE and fac chat when I got online, been clear top ranked in our region (our region finished 2nd).

We had been doing very aggressive and fast warring (fill times below one minute 80% of the time) so I would have expected to keep matching the top factions half of the time, but it looks like we were matching top3 very rarely (<10%) and the rest of top10 (i.e. “our bucket”) around 25% of the time only. Half of the time we battled rank11-30, and lower factions definitely more often than the top3.

All in all, though clearly favorable for us, I am not really sure this could be considered a fair matchmaking by any means…


I get frustrated with the disparity in war. Some factions seem to have all the top toons and are impossible to beat. I have an S16 team and still get mowed down like grass. It’s no fun at all. Maybe if factions were tiered? I don’t know what the answer is. All I know is I used to love wars but I now dread them because more often than not we fight against factions we can’t possibly beat no matter what. Add to that the fact Scopely keeps adding tougher toons and these factions will have them sooner as well. It’s a losing battle!

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Matchmaking and regional matchups have been piss poor for years now and don’t expect things to ever get better either. They don’t care unless they see a dip in revenue.


Honestly most facs prob dont even bother in war cause noone wants to be whale food over and over and over so less and less are warring so prob why most facs keep paired with the top so often