Matchmaking for wars


So with all the excitement surrounding wars when they come up , we all sit around trying new ways to get the matchmaking go our way more. Seems whatever system they use is painfully broken. When your a mod level active faction who is constantly battling the top two or three factions it become both frustrating and angering. CAN WE PLEASE get a solid explaination on how you matchmake for wars to maybe get some more even matches? Seriously. Just write it down… Talk it out… Post a detailed explanation. Take 10 minutes out of your day to do this and it will make more people happy then you could possibly imagine.


The best kept secret aside from the pulls algorithm… While I understand why we cant know the secret to getting decent pulls, would it really hurt anything to tell us how the matchmaking really works?


Yes, because then it can be manipulated


Issue in lack of number of available matches.

Doesn’t matter what you use, but when there are only 5 factions searching every 10 minutes and the rest search once an hour, your likely to face the ones that are always on.


As far as the way I understand it tries to match the two closest ready teams equil in strength. It then widens the search until the point where the 15th ranked team gets matched with the 1st ranked team because there was nothing closer in strength and no one else was free. Otherwise, everyone would be stuck in queues forever trying to find one that’s “fair”. I’m taking some liberties but back when the devs were allowed to talk to us one of them pretty much said so.

There also supposedly was some kind of governor so that super unbalanced matches would not occur but as we all know if that was true it’s not any longer and hasn’t been for quite some time.

There’s not much you can do. Take your lumps and it should be all over in less than 10 minutes. Hop back in the queue and hope for a better match.


I think this is still true but 6s lumped all strength back together as the stats are all basically the same.

Maybe now that team grades are reconfigured we might see a difference in crw, but long term it’ll all compress again.

In support of your statement,
Devs stated before it was war party team strength. New regions noticed this as there is wider strength disparity due to 6s access to spenders. See the complaints regarding top 2 constantly matching and never seeing lower rank factions a few months back.


Last war, a rank 18 faction got matched up with #1 and oh boy they got completely destroyed in six minutes.


As many said above it has to do with no fairly matched teams searching so they pair u with the next best thing, which might be a top faction. But I think sometimes it also purposely matches lower facs to top fac from time to time. In war, especially crw, if top factions is always matched with evenly matched teams then it will slow both sides down. It is theoretically possible for an active yet weaker faction to score as much points as a top faction if they are always matched with fair opponents.


In all my time playing the game which is now slightly over a year and a half I would always face every active faction in my region. From when I first started to when I ran a medium top 10 faction, all the way to now being in the number one faction. If there was an active faction we get paired at least one time.

Last AOW I would say we faced the entire top 10 an equal number of times and less than 10% of the time got one of the really weak lowered numbered factions.

I get why the OP is upset. I used to hate when I was in my top 10 faction and we would get the number one faction like 3 out of 4 times. It’s never fun getting outclassed and destroyed without any hope for victory.


Much better stated than the post I had posted a few days ago gray… I’ve attempted contacting Scopely a few days ago still no response, but didn’t really expect one.