Matchmaking for larger regions

Hi everyone.

There were several discussions about matchmaking during the past cross-region war.
Being the player from Shelby (RU) region, I’d like to share some thoughts about matchmaking, which are relevant for the large regions.

Here are the region results for the two past CRWs:

As you may see, Shelby is not just beating competitive regions. We are making twice more points and matches than second and third regions in the leaderboard.
This is good from the region rank perspective. Unfortunately, this occasion seriously affects the matchmaking for the Shelby factions.

Many of Shelby factions report that searching times varies from 10 to 30 minutes. At the same time, the factions from other regions were telling that their typical searching time is just 2-3 minutes.
This difference seriously affects on the number of matches factions are able to play within the CRW time: any Shelby faction plays 30-40% matches less than similar factions from competitive regions.
As a result, the Shelby factions may be stronger than those of the higher rankings but searching time just don’t allow to be on the better places in the leaderboard.

I don’t know the exact matchmaking algorithms but I suppose they’re seriously affected by the size of the regions. It seems that Shelby factions are waiting for an opponent in a queue while it is much easier for the competitive factions to find an opponent from Shelby because Shelby is several times bigger region.

As I understood from the other topic, there is the similar issue within the Japanese region Columbia: they are always winning as a region, though they are struggling in matchmaking time.

Scopely team, is there a possibility to combine two or three large regions within one CRW of 8 regions? Or is there any other solution to have a similar matchmaking conditions for all the factions during the CRW?

Please make notes everybody who did have a similar issue during the past 2-3 CRWs. This is in our interests to highlight this problem.

Thank you in advance for your participation.

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Your region is just super active. The win/loss ratio sucks

I play in Columbia region and we face the same problem from the very first initiation of CRW. Although it has gotten better (from average search time of 1-2+ hours to 30-45 minutes now), our waiting time is still nowhere near the average search time of the other smaller regions that we face.

Another problem for us is that there are no other Asian regions with an equal size with Columbia which makes it hard for Columbia factions to find a match during the off-hours ( late nights to early morning) of North American and European regions.

Even if we get paired with all of the other Asian regions (Bell, Dodge, Douglas, Crisp, Anderson, Treutlen, Bedford, Boone) I’m not sure if that’s gonna be enough to equal out the size of Columbia regions but I’m willing to try anything at this point.

Maybe people in columbia should move to other asian regions then

Maybe you should work for the scopely support team since you seem to have all the answers to everything.

I’d be surprised if that’s the required qualification…

Im just stating the obvious. There are few asian regions, but to accommodate its nice to put them together for the region chat. If you want the other regions to stay alive and devide the load among them, people should migrate from columbia to the other regions.

I know its not something people would want to do because they’re tied to the regions. But i dont see scopely doing anything about this and it will be hard to attract new asian players to the other servers. The tv show is in a decline and is losing popularity. Im already surprised that an american show got their feet on the ground there anyways, this show is simply dripping americana. Maybe the comic did well there as it is black/white, such as manga. But then again, I am just an european who knows little to nothing about asia.

Another option is to blend factions together based on their normal war activity. So lets say, region a, b, c, d, e, f, g, and h together as they had around 25 active factions and around 500 wars total fought. Seems like something easy to implement as they already have a leaderboard history on wars. This is the only good way to do this in my opinion.

Why will it not work though? Because it’s scopely we are dealing with. For some reason they want regions to talk with each other, BUT they don’t implement a system that makes this possible with a rather simple addition: auto translate.
I have encountered this on countless games and it works well 95% of the times. Just the few occasional slang words or abbreviations are not translated, but it does its job.

For some reason, and i have 2 possible ideas why, they don’t pay attention to a system like this.

  1. It’s an american game and show, they expect most people to speak English. At least their biggest playerbase speaks english and they see no need to implement a system like this. Even losing the whole asian market is a small sum of their revenue. A lot of other free games that have a translation system are made in korea for example. To reach a big market, they have to be friendly to all people and thus make sure there’s a good way to communicate. If they dont get out of korea, they dont make enough money with the few whales they have there.

  2. Another more likely option. Scopely simply doesn’t have the intelligence internally to counter such things. Why is this likely? Look at the amount of bugs the game has and even worse, look at our chat, it’s absolutely rubbish. I understand a limit of characters, because this reduces load and spamming. But being unable to copy text, or even select a part of your chat to correct a typo is not an option since day 1. 3 years of playing in a shit chat and yet they want to put regions of a same language in a CRW together? Whatfor? The few rants we see or the e-penis comparison? I think it’s the main reason everyone in the game uses Line to talk to each other.

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