Matchmaking better but still broken


there is absolutely no counter to your matchmaking for this. not a damn thing you can do when the game spoonfeeds your enemies above you. stop throttling these lower factions and make war matchmaking fair to all. tired of looking at a que while the enemy gets an extra war or two in. then they meet us immediately right after their wins. how can they have almost 0 search time while we sometimes sit in the air for 20 mins. please never return to good prizes until you can fix this bullshit. remove the matchmaking restrictions already. we haven’t won a single war since whatever system you changed a while back due to this crap. CRW we do amazing while saviors have trouble cracking top ten.

also 6 vs 6 war is stupid. especially when we get 25 percent less matches we can’t possible get the milestones. que fills up in seconds and wars end in 5 mins. i know I will miss the 100k milestone simply because of this new mode. 6 vs 6 is not enough