Matchmaking at its worst


9 fights in total, 5 times against the top faction with double prestige than we have. and to make it really nice, now the second time in a row… srsly scope? @kalishane


Same here… many times back to back same faction.


Just fix the fxxxing matching in regional war already, searching forever while others match with no CD! It has been for months, no improvement!


we matched the same faction 2x in a row and our sister faction then matched another faction 3x in a row… matching is screwed up… this is on habersham.


meh :scream::scream::scream::scream:


It’s happening to a faction here in Pickens too. Three times in a row paired against each other.


Sounds like the competition is…

Slim Pickens



Badumpbump lol :joy:


we need at least 10 different factions to match with, not just 1 or 2 or 3!
This nonsense has been going on and on for months, why scopely has to ruin everything !!!


I Was just about to start a new thread .we have had 7 out of 12 matches with the same faction. They are ranked 1 in prestige, but not in war. But we have literally had 3 in a row with them ,and another back to back.

Not to mention this 6 X 6 Garbage is Crap. I second @kalishane

Region Franklin


I get that factions need to be active in order to have different match ups but …

Vs nmbr 1
Vs nmbr 3
Vs nmbr 2
Vs nmbr 1
Vs nmbr 2

Nice match ups hahaha surely we have other factions available for war …

Please look into it scopely decent match ups are essential


Matchmakin is xd


We keep getting DP.
Think it maybe lack of activity.


no lack of activity in winston, just messed up matchmaking

@MaxPower: nice, i’m glad we can do you a favour :smiley:


This is happening in my region also, and it’s definitely not for lack of activity. Loads are playing.

This past update seems to have created a lot of issues. :frowning:


We are having the same issue in our region, but its actually helping the top faction.

Ususally we had to wait an hour for matches while the others matches twice, if not three times more regilarily than we did. We had no hope of winning a region war due to this waiting period. Even though we would win all but one or two matches.

Now we are matching quickly, albeit with the same faction 5 out of 6 times. But still quicker matches are much better for us.


So this is better for the region? Because in my they are matching weak factions with super strong ones.


Well in our region we have the strongest faction by far. However we are matching 90% of the time with the other two strongest factions. The other 10% of the time its weaker factions in the wee hours when maybe its only them searching?

The last dozen or so region wars we have had to wait rediculously long times to match with the two factions we are now matching with regularily. So aside from the lowered matching times, nothing else has changed.


I guess the time is better in my region even though one faction rules they drop defense so we can get some points, but that makes people feel like s.h.t.


Its a shame they can’t fix one thing without creating more issues. Sounds like they tweaked things so the top factions could match faster. But in doing so, the lower factions we can match with are only fighting the top factions and getting pummeled instead of pummelling everyone else and winning.