Matchmaking and The Que


Any news on this being looked at and hopefully being fixed?

Hate to get screwed over in cross region the same we we did in both blitz wars.

Brief recap, Top faction 3 faction sits in que while another top 3 faction gets matched quickly

1st blitz war, this affected the number 1 and number 2 factions, number 3 was able to get match after match

2nd blitz war, number 1 matches fine, number 2 is stunlocked in que , while number 3 matches quickly

The excitement for war for myself personally is not as high as normal because of que time.

Getting beat on even grounds, thats fine. That’s part of the game, sometimes you get outworked/outplayed

The Que being a factor in placement shouldn’t be a factor in an active region, 24/7 war pretty much yet we were in ques of upward of 20 to 30 minutes, if you want to verify, I’m sure you can look back in the troupe data for the past two blitz wars vs que wait times for previous blitz wars. I’d love to forget about this but in actuality believe it will be an continued issue.

Wendy gate came and I said nothing, pull gate came and I again said nothing but this…this will not stand!

I will war naked and defiantly, I could make the same point with clothes on but people pay attention to naked people, especially ghosts, especially in the shower, but this isn’t about that, at least not yet.

So in conclusion,

Update on matchmaking and explanation on why the que affected some but not all ,
i’d be satisfied with knowing why the que decided to punish us

I have nothing else to add except those mystery oreos SUCKED

My deepest regards,

Gho’Nuff The shogun of Mofos


Long searching times are fun now because you get to take a shower, watch a movie, cook dinner, etc while you wait.


Cant score if i cant war, can’t win if i can’t get in


Just saying, my faction lost none and we weren’t affected by search times.


Completely agreed on the Oreos.


Please Scopely fix this. Your matching time and opponent matching is a mess.

If all of you are wondering, why especially in crw fractions are on top because of more fights, that normally would be on lower position, scopelies matchmaking could be an explanation. One variable for matching time and opponents choosen is the over all fraction reputation. This means if there are two fractions comparable in strength and activity a (bigger) difference in reputation will cause, that the fraction with lower reputation will find faster easier opponents.

In normal wars, this can be a bit compensated in matches against each other if the other fraction wins most of these matches, but in crw you can not directly fight against the opponents in your region. This is one of the major bugs in the crw concept.

The reputation issue results in our region in stupid raids between the top fractions, where you loose several raids against other top fractions, just to transfer reputation between each other.


It’s a simple fix by changing and removing their restrictions, but they just won’t do it somehow


It can’t be compensated by facing that faction, they’ll retreat because they know they’ll get two more matches while you sit in the que spinning after they flee.