Matching Once again sucks in CRW!


Matching once again sucks! We have spent this whole war being matched against teams that blow us over. Tell us how that’s fair? There isn’t even a mix, mainly facing the top 10 teams while we are currently 23rd & have rep that’s not even close. This just makes the game suck even more. War used to be so looked forward to. Now it’s just as horrible as the non-stop freaking solo level ups!!


For us it has been better than last Wars match up wise , strange


We going to finish third and been matched with top factions whole time.


I feel like with ascendance it’s easier than ever to score against top factions. I’m in the rank 1 faction of my region, currently sitting in 1st in this CRW, and there’s rank 10 and lower factions who still put up a bit of a fight. Free to play 6*s are stronger than most of the p2p characters, especially on offense.