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Hi, presenting this in a calm and proper manner.
I am an S2++, ranked 280th place in Raids with 7.5k reputation. The only options for Raiding are always S3+ and way above, and several S5s always pop up there, too. An S2++ raiding an S5 is unheard of everywhere except wars, but there is still an option to raid them and teams very close to S5. So, could you give people opponents that are more their speed? I constantly lose battles because I have no option to raid people who are lower than S2++ and a bit higher than S3, which would be much easier than the monsters I have no option but to raid. Thanks for listening!


Everyone is raiding for the map, so easy targets are on cooldown a lot. There are as many bots as in raid tournaments. And they messed things up with the update. so you get pitted against stronger targets and bots then before.


Well, that sucks. I’d love to raid freely to increase my League standing and hopefully get the Andrea, but that sure puts a damper on it.


Same, I managed to get the Andrea. But its very slow going and not very pleasant. I don’t have an offensive team yet. They rated my team s8+ and since it became very slow and difficult to raid, i could easily handle bots before when the majority of human players were shielded do to raids. Before the patch I often got s5+ opponents and i think the bots were too. Now they are much more durable, so i reckon they are closer to my actual rank then they were before the patch also took weapons and mods into account to determine rank.
That’s all good and well, but when you don’t have an offensive team yet, its a big set back and demoralising. I’ll have no choice now but to lay low and wait till i have build another team and can do the good weapon upgrades and get the mods i need.
Big setback scopely. You took my reason away to spend on raid cans etc. I don’t know if this was intentional or if it is a side effect from not thinking the effects from the new grade through. I actually wouldn’t mind if this is what I would be used to, but suddenly getting nerfed like this is not pleasant. And it disadvantages new and upcoming players greatly that are willing to put in the work to catch up. Sure there is no problem if you can already pew pew laser it. But when you don’t have a high offensive team yet, its like being crippled all of a sudden.


The matchmaking does seem pretty bad for raids. Seems to happen in waves where there are particularly bad matchups after you have a very large upgrade in one of your team setups.


I too have zero intention to use raid cans, even the free ones I already have, on any solo raids unless they do something about this. They won’t because they know people will have to use more cans because they will lose more often than before.


I do like difficult raids, its a challenge, but when it happens so sudden there is no time to prepare and deal with not being able to raid fast anymore :). But I feel like it slightly better today, it might be too many bots were based on tough war teams. Usually during wars and outside raid tournaments there are not so many bots like they were now due to the map thing. Today the teams seem a bit less defensive again.


How do you have an s8+ team but “no and tack team”? I think you need to work at the mechanics a bit more…

Edit: a good explanation of why you’re suddenly finding it harder here:


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