Matches seem silly

My faction is about number 10, and always losing to numbers 2 to 4. Really? Perhaps if you explained the matching algorithm?

The top teams are super active so they are always in the queue while everyone else takes forever to start a match so the odds of getting someone closer to your level is low.

What bothers me the most is why the top 3 seem to never face each other. If they are always active they should be fighting each other all the time. Not getting spoonfed the weaker factions.

Nothing kills motivation faster than waiting an hour to war and getting crushed in 10 minutes.

The top 3 do face each other, constantly. We just occasionally get matched with lower tier factions. Though I was swapped with our sub faction during Cross region, and noticed we matched with lower factions far more often than in typical war.

Though the wait times to fill the queue were atrocious. sometimes 3 and 4 hours.

Motivation in our faction the same as last 3 wars lasted less than 10 mins, getting matched to high factions after waiting to fill then getting slaughtered, no fun in normal war no more,we will be lucky if anyone reaches 50k this war, normal war is not fun no more our region seeing less factions every war so we know we face top factions now and with the majority of players we have at S2 facing full S5+ teams we just think now these wars are no point in playing for us just CRW at least we do get decent matches most of the time.

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