Match up explanation


How many people are frustrated with the matchmaking in war? Once everyone stops yelling, I will continue… I am going to relay my factions experience this past CRW, but my guess is it’s not unique. We are the 4th ranked faction in Jenkins region. We are active and competitive, but I would say as a whole we are f2p average. We we’re ranked 31st in our CRW for most of the weekend. We faced top 10 teams 90% of the time. Even getting matched with the same top 10 team three wars in a row. It was not fun. We barely saw factions close to use in rank (20-30 range) and basically we’re just a top 10 punching bag all weekend.

And this is not limited to CRW, it’s the matchup system. Nobody seems to have a clue as to what is used to match up factions… Overall rep, team scores, letters in the name?? Nobody knows. Can anyone explain why it’s not more balanced?


It was better several months ago, but top factions were complaining that they weren’t getting as many matches as mid-lower rank factions from what I remember. Don’t know the solution, but the current system needs to change


I was frustrated. We finished 7th but did not face off with 5th and 6th factions anywhere near as much as 1st to 4th (or even factions 30th and lower).

We ultimately finished behind because we had less wars, so no complaints there. But I feel like the matchmaking system did not pay enough regard to the leader board. I wasn’t in for all, but when we did face 5th and 6th we generally cruised to victory so it was a shame to finish behind them