Match making is a joke

Just stupid, don’t know what else to say.


Yeah ikr it’s not supposed to be on next in the que, it’s worked out on roster strength and other stuff, but we all know this is not the case and there is no system and it is next in the list🤗

15 regions is too much.

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This “game” is @ss.

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exactly, majority of people have been saying this for awhile. It’s just too much


If they insist on keeping 15 regions then they need to massively update the “rewards”.

It’s whale city every match and it’s just not fun trying to compete with a f2p squad for what amounts to nothing. It’s a waste of time.


Yeah our matchup was pretty good as like four regions had less wars than number 1 faction. In fully active crws this reward structure is a joke.

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We have not been as active as a faction for some reason this war. Don’t know what’s going on. That said, sitting at rank 78 we matched up with the #1 team and top 15 teams for 5 in a row. Seems like we were getting fed to the top teams and between match making and a lot of people not being able to start war at all, we were doomed from the start. Scopely needs to go back after this war and really take a look at how these types of things should be handled. Cool, we got some milestones, but when you start out massively behind and stay that way facing the big killers, makes you not even want to try. Maybe it’s just me. This war has been severely disapointing all the way around.

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