Match Chat for War

I would like to propose an enhancement for this game. Wouldn’t it be a better experience during wars if there was a match chat. In CRW, there can be so many people talking because 8 regions are competing at once. Wouldn’t it be great if you could directly talk to your opponents, so that they could see it, without an avalanche of messages burying this away? It could be a fun place to talk trash about defends or how the match was going. It could even keep alive until one of the 2 factions gets matched for another battle. It is just a thought.


Not a bad way to start flame wars in game :man_shrugging:


You lucky that wasn’t anime.I was watching😐


With a translator bot?


More chats? No thanks.


I think it’s a great idea as I drop my defense against lower factions so they can get points and keep an interest in War and playing in general, rather than just changing my name I could actually tell them


What would also be good was if, before signing up for a region, scopely sent an automatic message in the primary language of the region too. Just so you couldn’t get confused about what region you were signing up to. And maybe gave a little language test.

For example, I went to peaches, which claims to be a French region, wanting to play European hours, and what did I discover? Faction after faction of Americans demanding to play in English. Not a French speaker in sight.

I get the “fr” might be confusing and it’s the first faction after all the En ones, which may explain why there were so many Americans, and I also get that peaches maybe isn’t a word you would first think of as being French (not like croissant or baguette for example), but really. What is the point of having regions with different languages if it’s overrun with English speakers playing American hours?

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Wars don’t last long enough for a chat

As an American, I think American regions should be named “cheeseburger” “McDonald’s” or “Best country on Earth”


Have you not seen the new update? You cant even call towers for war without being locked out for 24 hours, you want another chat for what? For more of this 1984 bot to give people the hammer, no thanks


I would like to be in the region called “build the wall”


Yeah… No, thanks!


It would be 1 gg vs loads of ************* & #########


Scopely can indicate a primary intended language, but they cannot determine which language their players prefer to use, especially after transfers.

They can’t even make the fuckin game work well as it is now , what do you think it’s gonna happen with another chat ? They’re stupid dude

At the very least they could bring back direct messaging to players on the opposing team. I don’t know why they took it away. I often used it to communicate with opponents about dropping defenses for milestones, retreats and giving advice on team improvement.

I understand that it is difficult for scopely to fix but… if I sign up to a region because that is the language advertised and that is the language I speak and want to play in, i’m not going to get much enjoyment if the entire region is speaking in a language I can’t communicate/engage in. I wouldn’t be able to talk to anyone in my faction to work as a team and it wouldn’t be as much fun. Even worse if they other languages only start dominating after region transfer.

Way too many chats already, no thank you.

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No, you absolutely should not force players to speak a certain language in the chats. I’m sorry you didn’t research the region you switched to and it turned out to be different than you expected, but forcing a language to be used in chats is the wrong answer. Player choice is important.


I mean,it’s says the language it’s supposed to be so,they should speak what it says